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Here with us in Funes there is always something to do. Three highlights that you absolutely cannot miss

The speck festival!

Our deliciously hearty South Tyrolean speck is a real trademark. In the famous speck dumplings and in many other dishes it celebrates its culinary triumphs. No wonder that it even has its own festival: the speck Festival in early October in St. Maddalena in Funes Valley. There everything is focused on the several days air-dried, lightly smoked ham of our region and thousands speck lovers come from all over the world. Experience the advent of speck queens, the presentations of the manufacturer and lots of savory treats. Do not worry: The next day, the calories newly acquired quickly release on a long hike in our mountains.

The speck festival

The mountain cooks …

… And you are the guests. Under the motto “The mountain cooks” the path Almengenussweg invites for an enjoyable hike on the Funes Alp. In ten huts along the route over several weeks during the Funes mountain spring the spoon cooks busily. So you can go from hut to hut, stay where you find at your best and enjoy the specialties of the Isarco Valley. The organizers call it a culinary pilgrimage and that’s no lie.

The mountain cooks

The farmer festival in Tiso

One of our most traditional festivals in general is the Farmers’ Festival in Tiso taking place in October. There you will experience all what has to do with real rural customs and crafts, replaced more and more in recent decades by modernity. In Tiso grain is threshed with flails, wool spun, butter beaten or baskets are woven from wicker: just watching is a joy. Of course, you can purchase authentic products from the hands of our skilled mountain farmers. At the farmers market it is possible to be vigorously fed, while our South Tyrolean folk music groups provide the musical accompaniment.

Please inform yourself before traveling about the planned dates. We are happy to provide further information about these and other events.

The farmer festival in Tiso