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Toboggan in Funes: A guarantee of a successful toboggan holiday

Downhill with Yeppee!

Children have a lot of fun with it and adults more than ever. This funny winter sport can be practiced in the group as turbulent as in the family or as a couple: this is actually sledding. Who is not so keen on skis and snowshoes can experience a lot of fun while sledding in Funes. Our varied landscape is ideal for a toboggan vacation. And even though you might think today for the first time to sit on a sled and slide down the slope, try it out, why not!

Downhill with Yeppee

In Funes we call it “rodeln”

Bring easily your sled with you. Of course in South Tyrol you can buy sleds of all shapes, colors and materials or you can also rent one. That is the supreme ease. We have for sledding in Funes few sled rentals, that conveniently put at your disposal sleds or “Rodeln”, as they are called here, directly near the slope. For larger groups an enough number of slides can be ordered before the arrival.

In Funes we call it "rodeln"